Monday, July 7, 2014

Holy Child of Jesus - Dumas

Good Monday to you all.

It was bound to happen.  I've visited over 300 churches and nary an issue, getting lost doesn't count.  While going through a blink and you missed it town, someone (yours truly) got caught in a speed trap.  The fee is my gas budget for the month.  And some of my food budget.  If you'd like to help by buying me some gas so I can keep visiting churches, send me an email. ;)  I've learned my lesson (don't get caught...)

I went to Dumas, AR to the 11:15 am Mass at Holy Child of Jesus.  This is another small church with a small congregation.  There were no more than 25 people at Mass.  I think I might have been the youngest adult.  Thankfully some kids came...cause for awhile...I was the youngest person in the building.  Although Father might have been my age.  He's from Ghana.

There was an organ but everything was sung a capella.
Opening:  Rejoice in the Lord Always
Offertory:  See Us Lord About Your Altar
Communion: Silence
Closing:  Let There Be Peace on Earth

Come to Me.  Bring Me your challenges.  I will change your life.

If you see someone starts laughing, you ask why.  If they say they are happy you ask why.  Jesus tells us to rejoice.  God has a reason.  I'm coming to you as a King.  When I come, I will reveal Mysteries to you.  How can you read the mind of God.  Jesus tells us the mind of God.  Rejoice.  What God can do for you?  (It's like what can brown for you....except I bet God won't run over my packages....)  The humble are ready to learn from God.  But not the learned.  Knowledge is power.  Jesus says to get up and go.  When your brother calls you on the phone, you may not answer because you know he wants something.  Jesus is always accessible.  Come to Him.  We need rest on Earth.  He gives us peace and joy.  An appointment is an agreement between 2 parties.  Jesus makes an appointment with you.  Anytime I open my doors, come and bring challenge, I will change life.  If Jesus invites you in, you must bring something (brownies!).  A spiritual heart and mind (brownies are better).  Human logic will fail.  Walking on water, Peter was successful until he applied human logic.  Jesus's healing doesn't make sense with human logic.  Just come.  If He invites you, only come with Faith.  Get away from distractions.  The brothers of the paralyzed man had no distractions, they took off the roof to get their brother to Jesus.  What is your problem?  It is not bigger than Jesus.  Get up and go to Him.  Leave your problems here today.

It was a nice little Mass and a nice little church.


Holy Child of Jesus

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