Monday, July 21, 2014

Assumption - Atkins

Hello all.  Sorry this post is late.  My bestest bud is moving and I was making a quilt for a housewarming gift and I'm on a tight deadline.  (It's very lovely :) )

On Sunday morning, I attended the 8:30 am Mass at Assumption in Atkins (home of the Pickle Fest!).  It's a smallish church (but was packed) that is a bit plain on the inside.

Music was accompanied by an organ and choir in the back.
Opening:  Gather Us In
Mass Setting:  Mass of Wisdom
Offertory:  Seek Ye First
Communion:  Take & Eat This Bread
Blessing for Choir Director:  A Blessing
Closing:  O God, Our Help in Ages

Whoever has ears aught to hear.  Jesus is telling parables to those who acknowledge them.  Parables are practical stories with deeper meaning.  They tend to be about farming because everyone who was listening was familiar with farming (I will say I get the parables more now that I work in agriculture..).  Our salvation is part of the harvest.  The fruit is our lives.  The devil is a weed that chokes off the fruits of our lives.  We need to live our Faith.  God has planted the seed in us.  We need to grow and bear fruit.  The challenge is that we are surrounded by temptations.  The world tries to choke off Faith: ignore, persecute, ridicule and destroy Faith.  People lose sight and fall away.  No one helps them to bear fruit.  We live for God; life for all eternity.  We see it in the world.  If we don't have a good foundation, we lose Faith.  The Spirit is there even if we don't know it.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer 2 and there were bells.

It was a nice Mass.



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  1. My third try (my fault)... Very nice. I think you must have enjoyed the homily too, since there was no snarkiness in your description. I like this little church.