Sunday, May 6, 2012

St. Gerald - Gerald

What's better than 1 Mass in a weekend?  Why 2 of course!  Since the birds keep waking me up at 5:30 am, I rolled out of bed and headed to St. Gerald for their 8 am Mass.

St. Gerald (which one I couldn't tell you as there was no evidence of the patron saint anywhere) is an interesting church on the outside but your standard small modern church on the inside.

The music was accompanied by an organ.
Opening:  Sing a New Song
Mass Setting:  Mass of Christ the Savior
Offertory:  Christians Love One Another
Communion:  We Have Been Told
Closing:  Let Heaven Rejoice

Before the Offertory and the Communion songs, there was some recorded instrumental music.

Father wore his stole over the chasuble.  He was also wearing black crocs.  I suppose we should all be thankful they weren't neon...

Father's homily was about faith that works.  We come to Mass on Sunday and know the Truths and doctrine, but it doesn't really impact our lives.  I doesn't make a difference without works.  The Gospel isn't about growing things.  It is about seeing God's Hand in my life.  We need to have gratitude.  Everyone has different details about God's hand in our lives.  We come to God to say thank you.  That is what we are doing this morning.  If I have faith that works, it quickly becomes apparent I'm a sinner. I cause chaos (oh that's why...I just thought it was because I loved causing chaos)  I hurt others and my relationship with God.  I am self-destructive ('s a homily...not a group therapy session)  This is common for humans.  The 2nd reading addresses this.  Even though I have been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb I still feel guilty.  This was also before all the details about the Sacrament of Reconciliation was settled on.  God is greater than our hearts. Confession makes you right with God.  God, of course, still loves you (hmmmm).  He will not abandon you.  If you are still feeling guilty, do good works.  God loves us.  It is a part of faith that works.  If I have faith that works, I am grateful.  I have been saved or redeemed, I want to give back.  I want to give my life in service.  Dedicate my life to Jesus.  Let God make my heart in sync (ipad cable ;) ) with Jesus' heart.  Remain in Me, I will remain in you.  We are looking for that moment when we get to that point we know what we want is what God wants.  It will be in tune with God and Jesus.  I will not want anything that God doesn't want.  (I hope God wants a basset hound....).  Let God do His Miracles in each and everyone of us.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were bells.  Father also reminded us it was time for the Annual Catholic Appeal (I suppose I should find somebody to give my money too...) and we should be generous.

Pieta Grotto

St. Gerald

View From the Back Pew

Station VIII

Information for the St. Louis Archdiocese (Note:  the Church is actually across from the water tower in Gerald on US 50)

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