Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holy Family - Port Hudson

YAY!  I finally made it out to Holy Family.  It's so far away that if I overslept, I couldn't make it.  There are lots of curvy county roads so if the weather is dicey I didn't want to chance it.  It all came together today!

I think Holy Family might be the smallest church in the Archdiocese.  It's tiny.  And it was full.  So full that people were sitting in the choir loft.

The music was accompanied by a guitar (in the loft).
Opening:  Gather Us In
Mass Setting:  Mass of Christ the Savior
Offertory:  Christ Be Our Light
Communion:  Blest Are They
Closing:  We are the Light of the World

Father wore his stole on the outside.  He used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were bells.

In my 31 years as a priest, I have had lots of questions about religious things.  In the first reading, there are mediators, God speaks through people.  Originally God spoke to the people but the people were terrified of this.  The people asked for holy men, like Moses.  Bible then goes on to talk about holy men in the rest of the books of the Old Testament.  The real revelation is Jesus.  He's the big spokesperson.  He's got authority.  The people recognized him speaking the Truth because He knows what the Father wants.  Jesus claimed victory over evil and over death.  This is the One we look to.  Bishops, priests, theologians, teachers, parents all can be holy people for others.  Holy people don't speak their own will but God's Will.  They need to accurately interpret what God wants.  We are part of the Mystical Body of Christ; we are called to do this.  For example, not to bash the Muslims, but understand the historical reality.  They believe that the Koran is the real word of God.  They worship the same God.  It must come from Jesus.  Paul thinks we should be celibate, but he makes it clear that those are his thoughts and not God's.  What about private revelations?  The Church is ok with them but that you must ask yourself if this comes from Jesus (and not your delusions...or ]:>  )  Ask if these revelations bring you to God.  Focus on finding out what is His Will and do we have the courage to do His Will.

Guardian Angel

Jesus and children
Jesus has flip flops!

The drive leading up to the Church had statues along the side of it.

Holy Family - Port Hudson

View from the Back pew


Station VIII

Information from the Archdiocese
Pictures from Rome of the West  (ooo the Church has been renovated since he went!)