Sunday, July 17, 2011

St. Alban Roe - Wildwood

This morning (7/16) I attended the 10:30 am Mass at St. Alban Roe in Wildwood.  St. Alban Roe is a relatively new parish, founded in 1980 with the church being built in 1982.  The church is fan-shaped with the windows displaying the Stations of the Cross.  It's a typical modern suburban Catholic Church.

As there is no choir loft, the musicians and choir are located to the left of the Sanctuary.  This morning's music was accompanied by a piano.
Entrance:  Gather Us In
Offertory:  Amazing Grace
Communion:  To Be Your Bread
Communion Meditation:  Grace Falling From On High
Closing:  Send Down the Fire

Before Mass the lector gave an introduction that mentioned that we live in hope of God's Justice.  Father read the short form of the Gospel.  Father had a voice of a radio announcer.  It was kind of cool.

The homily was given by a Redemptorist who was asking for money for the Society of the Propagation of the Faith, especially the Redemptorists activities associated with the Society.  Father Redemptorist gave a brief history of the Order.  The charism of the order is to serve the poor and most abandoned.  Currently the Order is working in Brazil, Nigeria and Thailand.  He then talked about the current work of the Redemptorists, specifically in Thailand, where they help young people and he told a story of 2 girls rescued from what he hinted was sexual slavery.  Basically he asked us for money.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were bells at the Consecration.

St. Alban Roe Church

Mary and the Child Jesus

Plaque in the Narthax

View From the Back Pew!

Light Fixture

Station VIII

St. Louis

St. Vincent de Paul

Website of St. Alban Roe

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