Sunday, March 27, 2011

Church of the Annunziata - Ladue

There was snow on the ground.  I overslept.  No St. Joseph. Did you know that Friday was the Feast of the Annunciation?  Did we all have a cheeseburger?  To celebrate Mary's fiat (apparently Mary's fiat doesn't refer to her cute Italian sports car...),  I headed out to Annunziata in Ladue.

Annunziata is celebrating 60 years.  It is a classic modern church in the shape of a cross.  The parishoners were better dressed than at the majority of parishes I have been to.

Music was accompanied by an organ and a piano.  It is the only parish I have been at where the parishoners stared at me for singing.
Gathering:  From the Depths We Cry to Thee
Offertory:  Behold the Lamb
Communion:  Only a Shadow (really?  really?  This was old and cheesy when I was in grade school.  it is now stuck in my head....groan)
Closing:  Jesus Remember Me

Father started Mass off with a mini homily about Lent being the springtime of Faith.  Father used Eucharistic Prayer II with lots of dramatic-like pauses (there were bells) and there was some ad-libbing of the adding extra words kind.

The homily started off with Father taking us grocery shopping and not buying the best ingredients.  God chooses the not so good, the Isrealites, then loves them (and us) with all His Heart and forgives them (and us) when we turn away and become hard-hearted  over and over again.  This is the lesson of the first reading.  If you were to video record God, where would you point the camera?  Where is God?  What did Jesus' face look like when He told the woman at the well He was the One.  God's here and loves us all.  Jesus calls the woman (and us) to look at the reality of life.  When you confront issues, Jesus is there with His Divine Mercy.  Jesus always loves us and forgives us.  This is the living water.  Father then transitioned to asking if we had fasted during Lent.  Have I been other centered instead of self-centered?  Have I been attentive to the needs of my family?  Really I spent most of the homily trying to determine which not so good food I was.  I'm thinking I'm a rotten apple.  With a worm ;)

(The stained glass had a clear panel on the inside that caught all the reflections from the lights)

Hail Mary


View from the Back Pew

Station VIII

St. Louis

Bread and Fishes
On floor in front of Communion Rail

Symbols of the Four Gospel Writers

St. Vincent de Paul

Blessed Teresa

St. Louis and his Mother

St. Rose Phillippine Duchesne

The Resurrection
Jonah and the Whale

Daniel, Ezekial, Abraham & Isaac, King David, Moses

Presentation of Jesus at the Temple
Baptism of Jesus

Epiphany and Nativity

Last Supper
Jesus is Crowned with Thorns

Jesus gives Peter the Keys

Four Evangelists, Pentecost
Peter's Barque, Sts. Peter & Paul

Crucifixion of Jesus

St. Michael defeating Lucifer
The Garden of Eden
Adam and Eve being tossed out with Mary being foreshadowed


Website of Church of the Annunziata
Pictures from Rome of the West


  1. I do not see many comments lately. I hope people are communicating via email. I really love your blog and look forward to it each Sunday night. Thanks for your efforts.