Thursday, July 15, 2010

Relics of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Today there was a special event at Sts. Teresa and Bridget!  Relics from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta were on display as well as posters detailing her life.  The order Blessed Teresa worked with works in the neighborhood and there was a large presence today.  There were many people that came to see and venerate the relics.  I saw priests, seminarians, sisters, as well as people of all ages.  Considering I didn't hear about it until 1 pm (Thanks St. Louis Catholic!) and it opened at 3 pm, I thought it was well attended.

Sts Teresa and Bridget is a beautiful older church built in 1900.  The stained glass windows are phenomenal and the ceiling is painted with saints and scenes from the Bible.

Relics of Blessed Teresa Calcutta

Relics Up Close

Blessed Teresa's Crucifix and Rosary

Blessed Teresa's Sandals

Crowning of Mary
Love the Rainbow :)

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