Sunday, August 17, 2014

St. Mary - St. Vincent

Hello all!  I'm back on track.  Going to Mass.  :) Until next weekend...and the weekend after that..and the weekend after that....(I'm going out of town (Tunica!), will do my bestest.)

This morning I headed to the blink and you missed it town known as St. Vincent.  It's about an hour or so away from Little Rock to the west.

The church was built in 1931, but it looks like the interior has been redone more recently.  I have to say they have the narrowest pews I've sat in for a modern church.  The pews had to be about foot on the part you sit on.  Not comfy in the slightest.  It was pretty plain on the inside, but nice.

Music:  There was an organ and small choir in the front of the church.
Opening:  All Are Welcome
Offertory:  Isaiah 49
Communion:  Come Gather At the Table
Closing:  Holy God, We Praise Thy Name

Send her away say the disciple; not one of their finest moments (there are quite a few of these actually...).  The words seem so heartless, have they no compassion?  Jesus seems indifferent to the woman.  He was silent.  Jesus was up to something.  He was waiting to show His cards.  What is their motivation?  The disciples were physically tired...they had been following Jesus around, they were tired of the requests.  They were crabby.  Enough is enough.  We can see that in us.  Additionally, it was very important to know who were in and who were out.  It was unthinkable to acknowledge someone who was out (It's like high school...).  What did Jesus do?  He verbalized the deep seated prejudices at the time.  The woman senses what Jesus is doing.  Jesus is confronting man made barriers and ridiculous grudges.  Jesus did not buy into injustice.  He and the woman were in search of goodness.   He tells the woman that her Faith is great.  The disciples were closed minded, narrow viewed, cold hearted and lacking in Faith.  The woman was open minded, broad viewed and warm hearted and had great Faith (cause she's a woman...and we awesome.)  This is not a window into the past.  The prejudice continues today.  We like to inclusive/exclusive; based on how much they are like us.  We make hurtful distinctions about who is one of us and who is not.  God's love has no boundaries.  All of us have people in our life that need our love, compassion and understanding, but we fail to give it to them.

Father verbalized all the secret prayers and used Eucharistic Prayer III, with bells.


St. Mary - St. Vincent

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