Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sacred Heart - Springfield MO

On Sunday I was in Springfield MO.  It is incredibly hard work a Mass in on vacation, but I managed :) .  I didn't take very good notes though...

I attended the 9:30 am Mass on February 16 at Sacred Heart in Springfield.  Given how close this was to Drury University, I was rather surprised it wasn't the University's parish.

Music: Guitars!  Tamborines!  Bongo drums!
Opening:  (I got lost...)
Responsorial Psalm:  The Cry of the Poor
Offertory:  Here I Am (standing right beside you...)
Communion:  Open My Eyes (or do I have them reversed?  Does it really matter?)
Closing:  Though the Mountains May Fall

Father's homily was rather interesting.  He talked about how when he was hearing confessions, people would tell them they had not sinned.  I haven't killed anyone.  I haven't robbed.  I have no sins.  (must be nice to be that oblivious).  Father talked about how we don't kill people with knives, we kill them with words.  And that's all I really remember.  Oh!  He talked about Crocodile Dundee



Sacred Heart 

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