Thursday, October 31, 2013

Registering for a Parish

Today I did the adult thing and registered at my territorial parish.  I found it by asking the GPS for places of worship nearest my location and picking the Catholic sounding one.  Then google!

I wasn't 100% certain that this was my territorial parish but I figured they would tell me if it wasn't.

Did you know that there are parishes that have more than one building?  And that these new modern buildings all kind of look alike?  Perhaps some signage at the entrance to the parking lot or on the buildings might not be remiss....

After finally finding the office (which I had to be buzzed into...answering the door is so *old school*) I asked to register.  I get the paperwork and am directed to a room to fill it out.  I mention that I'm not sure this is my parish and the secretary was like we don't enforce the boundaries. (Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I thought according to Canon Law, the pastor of my territorial parish, regardless of whether or not I'm registered at that parish, is responsible for me...maybe I'd like to meet the guy? Or here's another thought, I thought that Canon Law required me to give my time, talent and/or treasure to my territorial parish...)  Fill out the paper, get a welcome to Parish and that's all she wrote.

I don't know anything about this parish.  I don't know when the Mass times are (grabbed bulletin though).  She said she'd see me Sunday...neglected to tell me *when*.  If I was shopping for a Catholic Church this did not sell me on it.  In fact, I thought that was one of the points of territorial churches was to stop Catholics from acting like Protestants and church shop.

I just have to ask, is it so hard to say Welcome to St. Snup.  Our masses are at X, Y and Z but here's a bulletin/piece of paper for you to have them all to refer to.  I usually attend Mass at X so if I see you I could introduce you to some parishoners. Father Snup gives excellent homilies and Father Charlie is in charge of the youth group.  We have lots of opportunities for different activities, many of them are in the bulletin but if you tell me what you are interested in, I might be able to hook you up with a group.   (Especially when the person registering says they've just moved to town and has only been in town 2 days.)

Let the snark begin!


  1. Yay! Looking forward to epic snarkitude and wit. Also got some good pointers to tell my parish registration committee. Thanks Tina!

  2. Oh, no! My comment didn't make it through? Oh, and I was claiming to be one of your biggest fans... I was also suggesting that since you were now in the Deep South with the Southern Baptists, a territorial parish might not mean as much since there are fewer Catholics... Can't wait to see your photograph. Welcome back!