Thursday, October 31, 2013

And so it begins...again.

Hello all my legions of loyal readers!  I hope you are still with me. :D

I have moved to Little Rock, AR to take a job with the USDA- National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).  Briefly, I count cows (and ducks..and chickens...and horses...and cotton...and cetera et cetera et cetera).  I don't get to actually go out in the field and count them...I look at surveys sent in the mail or online.

Because I had so much fun (snark) the last time, let's do it again, this time with the Diocese of Little Rock.  There are some tiny issues that I hope will work themselves out.

  • I'm only guaranteed 5 months.  This fun could end by April.
  • The diocese is the entire state.  I'm in the takes roughly 3 hours to get to a state border.  
    • In other words, you might get pictures if I go hiking around there but no Mass report.
    • 3 hours is 1 tank of gas.  It is expensive to live on your own...
  • I don't know where anything is...but the GPS fixes that issue.  Expect lots of I got lost.
I will start Friday, November 1 for the Feast of All Saints.  

Yeah, I know I need a new header.  I don't know what to use right now....

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