Sunday, December 18, 2011

Immaculate Conception - Old Monroe

Good Evening!
This morning I headed out to Immaculate Conception in Old Monroe for 10 am Mass.  (Last IC!  YAY!)  Immaculate Conception is an old German parish - the windows are in German and so are the Stations of the Cross.  It's a nice old church.

The music was accompanied by an organ in the choir loft.
Opening:  O Come O Come Emmanuel
Offertory:  Bread, Blessed and Broken
Communion:  One Bread, One Body
Closing:  King of Glory

Mini-homily:  We say yes when we follow our Baptismal Promises.

The Catholics Come Home ads have started.  They are for 3 groups:  those who have fallen away, those who are thinking about becoming Catholic and for us to see how great we are  and our Faith (sigh.)
Now is a good time for Confession.  (Father announced Confession times.  you might get more people if you offered Confession at something resembling a convenient time...)
We've had the new rite for 4 weeks ('s a new translation...not a new rite...) and we are doing well but it does take time.  So there are 2 words that have been introduced:  consubstantial and incarnate.  I'm not prepared to talk about consubstantial but will talk about incarnate.  (Uhm...I'll just be quiet).  Father said the Latin phrase incarnate comes from but I didn't catch it.  John simply says the Word became flesh.  Heaven and earth join.  Mary was deeply troubled.  She showed obedience of Faith and was full of grace.  Grace did not keep her from free will.  We find meaning from Faith.  Faith brings meaning to all areas of our lives.  Follow Mary's example.  Rose Kennedy was asked how she could survive all the tragedy in the family.  It was her Faith.  Unite your suffering to Christ's suffering.  Walk through it with Jesus.

Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were bells.  Father was very friendly and gave me the key to the windows.

Immaculate Conception 

View From the Back Pew

Advent Wreath

St. Barbara

It's actually St. Apollonia..

King David

St. Cecilia

Pope Gregory or Pope Leo
the Great

St. Ambrose or St. Athanisius?


St. Augustine?

St. Jerome?

Immaculate Heart of 

Sacred Heart 

St. Liborius and St. John Nepomunk

St. Peter and St. Paul

St. Louis IX and St. Anthony of Padua

St. Andrew and St. Charles Borromeo (see the noose around his neck)

St. Boniface and St. Henry of Bavaria (or St. Stephen of Hungary?)

St. Rose of Lima (or St. Rita?) and St. Elizabeth of Thuringia

Website of Immaculate Conception - Old Monroe
Pictures from Rome of the West

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