Monday, December 26, 2011


Hello again!  Today's the Feast of St. John.  Apparently it was traditional to bless wine on this day.  How awesome is that and where can I get in on it?

On Christmas Day, I attended the Noon Mass at Assumption in South County.  This church has chunky stained glass windows and is shaped similar to Seven Holy Founders.

This is their contemporary Mass.  There were guitars, basses and drums.  There was incense at the 10:30 Mass but not this one.
Opening:  Angels We Have Heard On High (dropped down an octave! yay!)
Offertory:  O Come All Ye Faithful; Away in a Manager
Communion:  What Child Is This; Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Closing:  Joy to the World

It is a Season of Grace.  Thank our heavenly Father.  Every birthday, we ask what will this child be?  We know what Jesus will be.  The Scriptures tell us.  There is a secret longing.  A light that burns in our hearts.  Longing of the human heart in the greetings of the season.  Father then showed all his Christmas cards (note to self:  send priest nice card....) In 1944, Hallmark came up with their slogan:  When you care enough to send the very best.  Isn't that why we are here today?  Creator and creature come together.  God had a plan.  We see that plan throughout the Old Testament.  God chose to send the very best, His Son.  We are Christ's greeting card.  We are the best that Jesus sends (oh that guilt I feel?).  What kind of Christmas card would you be (...late).  What would you be if you were sent forth (...lost...).  What does your life say about Jesus?  Is our presence a proclamation of hope and joy (more like a proclamation of snark but we'll go with hope and joy.)  We are God's Greeting Cards.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the Creed, Father mentioned that we were to Genuflect at the Incarnate part.  Only like a third did.  Father used Eucharistic Prayer II and there were bells.


View From the Back Pew!

Angry Angel Gabriel 

Mary visits Elizabeth


Star of Wonder Star of Night
Star of Royal Beauty Bright



Maybe Jesus lost in Temple?


Alpha and Omega





Holy Orders


Anointing of the Sick


Website of Assumption

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