Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nigerian Community Mass

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Little Rock is home to a Nigerian community.  Every 3rd Sunday, they celebrate Mass in Igbo at St. Augustine's in North Little Rock.

I was told by someone that if I arrived 1/2 hour before Mass, Sister would go over the responses.  I got to St. Augustine at 1:30 pm, walked in and was greeted by women who were curious as to why I was in Church.  I discovered that the Mass had been moved to St. Patrick.  (GPS to the rescue!).  Fifteen minutes later I'm walking into St. Patrick.  The 2nd Reading is currently being read.  Apparently Mass started at 1:30 instead of 2 (ooops).

Most of the Mass was in Igbo.  The homily and Eucharistic Prayer were in English.  Most everything was sung, including the Nicene Creed.  Strangely the Our Father wasn't sung.

The music style reminded me of this song or this one from the Lion King Broadway Musical.

In case I was unclear if Father was born in America, the first part of his homily cleared that right up.  He actually talked about the First Reading from Proverbs 31.  I had a hard time understanding him in the back.  In the First Reading, it describes an ideal woman and wife.  A role model.  Something women should emulate.  Men would be happy if women would be these things (riiiight.)  Complete happiness.  Men must search for this woman, not just go to a club and pick any old women.  (mmhmmm).  If you find, you will know what makes a woman.  Beauty.  Her heart makes her beautiful.  Do not marry for fades.  Marry for her worth, what she can do.  She takes care of her family, her community.  Men you must praise and encourage your women.  Her reward is your praise.  (I prefer sparkly things...).  Father then went on to talk about time, talent and treasure.  (the standard homily of you need to use your talent and treasure).

At the Presentation of the Gifts, everyone danced up and gave food.  (Which apparently the priests eat...I hope they like rice...saw lots of rice).  There was some minor chaos at this moment.  In the back the men were like this is not what was agreed.

Apparently, it is harvest time in Nigeria, so today is when they would traditionally have their harvest fest.  After the Closing Prayer, each family brought up a donation for the Church to auction off.  Had this been in Nigeria, it would have been some of the harvest.

Many of the women and men wore traditional clothing.  The women wore headdresses that looked like roses...they were folded and wrapped around their heads.  The dresses were very sparkly and two pies. The skirts were tight at the top and then flared out at the bottom.

Here's a movie of the Presentation of the Gifts.

To pictures previously taken of St. Patrick
St. Augustine

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