Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Lady of Good Hope - Hope

Instead of going to work today (I worked yesterday), I headed out to Old Washington State Park for the   Jonquil Festival.  (Sense a theme?  I'll give you a guess where I'm going next week...).

On the way to the Festival, I passed Hope, where I attended the 9 am Mass at Our Lady of Good Hope.  Before Mass, there was Eucharistic Adoration.  The Tantum Ergo was sung in Latin (One day I'll learn how to say the first verse in Latin, I've got the 2nd, I can't get the first.)

Music was provided by an organ and a choir.  The music for the Mass Settings were provided by a computer.
Opening:  From Ashes to the Living Font
Offertory:  Shepherd of Souls
Communion:  You Are Mine
Closing:  Forty Days and Forty Nights

Before Mass, we applauded for new members and visitors and then greeted our neighbors.

Father's mini-homily mentioned that the Entrance Antiphon was based on Psalm 67.  Christians have optimistic view despite our struggles.  The heavenly glory is revealed to us in the Gospel, which is the Transfiguration.

This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.  This is the voice of the Heavenly Father.  Jesus says to the disciples "Rise and do not be afraid"  We have entered the 2nd Sunday in Lent, a time of 40 days to take up fasting, prayer and almsgiving as the Church calls us to do.  Our body is made of dust of the Earth.  Some people think it is not useful.  When somebody dies, a preacher says the soul goes up to Heaven but the body turns to dust.  The Resurrection of Jesus will happen to us.  For some of us we have shame, we are burdened by being human.  The Transfiguration is what the body is capable of.. At some moment we will be transfigured.  Humanity may be devalued but the Light of God shines through us.  The devil put his tools for sale:  hatred, pride, envy, etc.  And over in the corner was the box of discouragement.  When it is opened, it brings depression.  Discouragement leads to depression and despair.  (So do chemical imbalances in the brain...) Do not fall into the devil's snare.  This week in Hempstead County, a young girl died.  (I'm not sure what happened.  I found the obituary and the details were sparse....which makes me suspicious.)  Father went over the leading causes of death in 2010.  The 10th most frequent cause of death is suicide, with about 38,000 succeeding that year.  Around 713,000 go the ER because of self-harm.  The Transfiguration has a message for us.  It is an encouragement and radiates hope and the ultimate victory.  We will rise up and have no fear and a new life.  True Christians have an immortal diamond and will never be pessimistic (Guess I'm not a true Christian....)  Christ has robbed death.  Christians are optimists that will smile through troubles (I guess this is where the stories of the martyrs going joyfully to their deaths come in...I plan not to go quietly if I'm to be martyred..but then again I'm not a true Christian...)  We need to pray as often as we can.  We will be transformed on Earth (If I start glowing, somebody get a geiger counter...).

Father used Eucharistic Prayer III and there were bells.  The Our Father was sung.  And while it was sung, we all held hands across the Church.  Well one of us didn't and got huffed at (Feel the community...)

After Communion, as Father was purifying things, he told us to meditate and converse with God.  Converse with God and tell what you have to say.

Then came the Liturgy of the Announcements.  Three difference people spoke.  Apparently the parish has a pledge drive to expand the Sanctuary.  (I think they meant the nave, because the Sanctuary was pretty big, but the nave was full).


Our Lady of Good Hope

View From the Back Pew

Station VIII

Our Lady of Good Hope

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